Where They Stand on Youth

AGENDA Institute in partnership with Association for Integration of Informal Areas are jointly implementing this project with the aim to strengthen democracy by fostering transparency and accountability of the elected government through increasing public debate and citizen information related to policy platforms of competing parties and coalitions during the electoral campaign for the 2013 Elections

Last Edit: 01/03/2013

Participatory Budgeting for the Municipality of Kavaja

AGENDA Institute intend to implement through this proposal different methods of participatory budgeting in city of Kavaja to increase civic engagement and participation, promote good governance, transparency and accountability, within the context of local government, for a period of three years.

Last Edit: 04/03/2013

Review of Albanian Macroeconomic Indicators

Assembling, processing and publishing of user friendly economic data to increase knowledge and understanding of the Albanian economic developments and to promote public discourse on the measures that promote growth and development.

Last Edit: 01/03/2013

Albania and European Union

The signature of Visa Facilitation Agreement is an important political decision towards closer cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan countries. The smooth implementation of this Agreement, together with tangible progress in basic Justice, Liberties and Security areas, will open up the possibilities for the Commission to start a structures dialogue on a possible visa free regime for the citizens of Western Balkan countries in the future.

Last Edit: 10/04/2014



TIRANA ECONOMIC FORUM "Factors of Economic Growth in Albania"

Challenges Facing the Albanian Youth on the Road Towards Employment

This research packet proposed some recommendations regarding how to optimally overcome the challenges facing Albanian youth these suggestions are not limited to the job market itself, but are also applicable to Albania’s socio-economic situation as a whole. The youth’s successful transition from academia to the labour market is an issue of utmost importance that politicians must prioritize as “the key” that will open up doors to national prosperity.

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